Need a little programming help?

Our team of highly-skilled programmers and professionals provides innovative programming solutions, software design, solution architecture and other outsourcing services to businesses like yours.

Whether you are looking to develop a complete solution, to improve an existing software or to hire a programmer for a specific amount of time so that you can complete your projects on-time, troubleshoot issues, implement new API interfaces and so on, we can help!

Our technologies

One of the key benefits of partnering with MyDevPartner.com is that we are “a team” and as such, you will benefit from our collective wealth of knowledge and experience.

Whatever technology involved, if it can be programmed, we will find a programmer to help you.


Our philosophy

Technology is our passion, so working remotely has become second nature. We have team members working part-time, others are full-time and some are on-call. It would be very difficult to meet all those professionals at a single location so we keep things simple.

Working remotely is great for our clients, since you do not have to worry about finding a desk, computer and required programming software, we provide everything, from our remote locations.

Of course, we do achieve some contracts at our clients location but at MyDevPartner.com, we are convinced that working remotely is the future. However, some projects require us to work in person, so we are ready to meet our clients at their office or at a location of their choice (café, etc.).

Normally, for bigger projects, we schedule weekly or bi-weekly status meetings to update you on our progress and discuss any issues. As projects progress, questions and issues arise, so we want to be as connected with our clients as possible. We have several ways of keeping in touch with you, including Skype, msn, jabber, email, phone, fax, etc.

How do we work?

We value security

Like you, we are computer users, so we have had to deal with problems such as crashes, other hardware failure, a power outages or even theft that resulted in lots of frustration and wasted time. For those reasons and to facilitate collaboration between our team members, all of our code is securely stored outside our office online in our secured ProjectLocker repository.

Project Management

At MyDevPartner.com, we know project management is essential for your success, especially if most of your staff is working remotely, so we make it a focus. All of our projects are maintained online within our Zoho Projects portal to which we give our clients access so that they can follow the development of their projects.

Sometimes, larger projects require more updates and monitoring. To manage issues with larger projects and to facilitate their development, we use an issue-tracking tool called Trac.

Ready for the next step? Contact MyDevPartner.com today and see what we can do for you.