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Add real-time scheduling power to your in-house application

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to provide your employees/contractors with real-time scheduling data coming directly from your ordering system or any other in-house application directly on their smartphone or any device having access to the internet while on the road?

This is something we can do for you…

One of the projects we have been hired for was to develop a scheduling module within an existing ordering system. The challenge was to provide a solution within the application where a list of real-time manageable schedules would be generated for :

  • every orders statuses
  • all orders under production
  • all orders ready for installation planning (1 general view + 1 per installer)
  • etc.

Now the magic… imagine yourself where right in front of you, you have access to a list of calendars where each calendar contains multiple events directly linked to an order and whenever you move an event within the calendar, the order dates are updated in real-time and not only within the in-house local database but also on the web (google calendar).

But wait… there is more …. every calendar can be shared to any employee’s email so that they can quickly review, in real-time, their own workload directly on their connected device (iPad, iPhone, etc.) through the free Google calendar app. That’s what we call process automation! 🙂

You too can have this power within your own in-house application. Contact us to discuss your needs and get a quote, we’ll be glad to help!